Various Artworks

Here I collect a few random pieces of my visual artistry.

This drawing tells me what I want to do and be in the future.  In particular, it tells me two things: I wish to draw pictures with words as a writer, and I wish to fade into the background as the words of this parable is the real message.  This drawing was done in pen-and-ink on paper by hand before being scanned into computer and color added.

My first attempt in many, many years to combine computer science with art.  I call this a cuneiform binary fractal tree to 19 levels of recursion.  If you have Googled for fractal tree, you will have seen similar trees.  What makes mine unique, I think, is that it is entirely algorithmically generated and yet it has a semi-natural shape by my adding a small amount of uniform-random noise to the branching angle and also choosing a random order for growing the left and right child branches at each branch point.  I think it strikes a balance between too regular and too irregular.  I also like the fact that it is composed entirely of such a simple shape: triangles.  Oh, and I also prevent overlap among all branches in the tree by keeping track of points on lines and pruning any branch before it crosses an existing one.  You must understand, my intention is to refine the two-dimensional appearance, preventing most or all appearance of depth.  I could do more.  I plan to leave more space between branches to prevent the crowding-look.  I could also add a little noise to the branch length.  Needless to say, there are more trees to come.

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