Football vs. Funerals

Today I attended a funeral.  Call me morbid, but I prefer attending funerals to football games.  That is, you can try to call me morbid, but you would be mistaken.  Are funerals morbid?  Not at all.  Just like a well-written obituary, there are few thoughts as rewarding to hear or read as those lessons extracted from the perspective of an entire lifetime well lived.  The speakers at funerals speak about the best and brightest moments of life.  They know how to put things into perspective.  They speak words of comfort when comfort is desperately needed.  Those same words may help you in the future when you least expect.

On the other hand, someone could make a case for football being morbid.  At the same time I was attending that funeral, I am sure someone, somewhere, was attending a football game and thinking, "This sure beats attending that funeral my wife/mom wanted me to go to."  What is football other than a thinly veiled reenactment of war.  The two sides line up on their field of battle dressed in armor complete with coats of arms, ready to do their best to punish the other side for having the audacity to exist and breath the same air.  One side makes an offensive move while the other side takes a defensive stance against it.  They take turns doing this until time runs out.  Bodily injury is common.  In fact, there are nearly one injury per player per year in the USA.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_issues_in_American_football)  At the end of the game, what do the fans leave with?  The fans of the losing team feel badly for something they had no control over, while the fans of the winning team get all inflated with pride based on just as rational a reason.

On the battlefield of life, when faced with the question of football vs. funerals, there is no contest.  I will choose the funeral every time.  Why?  Because I love life.  On the other hand, depending on how the teams play, sometimes we are lucky enough to witness both a football game and a funeral on the same day.

This could spark a little controversy.  Just note that I do not have anything against people who play or watch football.  Two of my favorite people in the world loved watching football (my dad and my grandpa).  I am simply trying to relate an interesting comparison that popped into my head today while waiting for the action to start.

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